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Wagina mining issues

09 March 2014

Dear Editor - Could you please allow me to insert certain comment regarding the above issue.

I have been heard that Wagina executive house of Maungatabu/Wagina executive committee have been arriving in town to discuss the mining at Wagina with mining investors.

As one of the concern Wagina community members living in Honiara, I have been confused and disappointed for I have fully aware that Wagina is out of the spot for mining, even our Choiseul Provincial Government oppose it and also our Central Government fully aware of the stand.

Therefore, I have in mind that their coming up to Honiara proves their dishonesty to investors. It has been resolved both at the community level and the provincial level that mining on Wagina is seen disastrous.

 This is an awkward move which I think will bring more misunderstanding on the stand of the community and the province.

This committee should not deal with land issues because they have no mandated roles to do it, so my advice is make use of our provincial member to deal with any issues that need the full provincial assembly support.

Dealing with land in our case will take years because there are certain conditions and understandings that we need to know and accept, but it will not take overnight to do it.

So please Mr. members of Wagina House of Maungatabu concentrate and do your social obligations at home but do not meddle with other issues that our Provincial member is mandated to do on our behalf at the provincial level and the national level.

Jonathan Tebabusi Tobire