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Voters’ voices in Parliament

09 March 2014

Dear Editor - My Honourable Member when we were together in schools your personal attitude character was wonderful which made me and other students admired you and we became long time good friends helping each other in our study and in the fields.

Our parents are Church-goers so we always met at Church services on Sabbath which made our parents feel happy about our friendship. In the school during break we always talked about our future careers.

In our funny talking some of us prefer to be Honourable members in the National Parliament representing his people. The others argued that to be MP is no good because it destroys good friendship and creates false or temporary friendship.

It also changes your good personal characters and attitudes that lead us to be good friends now here in our school.

There are many temptations that you cannot overpower them. For example, when you hold millions of dollars in your hands the super power invisible force automatically controls you and destroys your good reputation and degrades your status.

As a result corruption begins to flow and many innocent citizens especially children, students, disabled, blind, deaf and dump would be victimised.

Is that what you want to represent your people? My good friend, bear in mind that our good humble people especially rural or grassroots people have so long experienced hardship and ongoing problems on gardening, fishing, shelters, drinking water, proper toilet, kindy and primary schools, clinic, road access to central market school fees and the list goes on.

With respect and expectation they vote you to carry their humble voices to the floor of our National Parliament.

They wait with humble hearts for the result of their voices. They with hearts have done their part on registration and vote for their uncertain voices.

It is now your part to carry the result of their voices you have the transport and money to meet your travel expenses by air land or sea.

How long it takes, they wait with humble hearts. As a member in same communities you know exactly what they do need as priority on individuals or communities. It is a very simple job for you to do for us in return. So be honest with our voices.

John Tepala