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Real Kakamora 11 nil loss

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – As one of the regular spectators of this 2013 TSL, I cannot imagine and believe what I saw after spending my last 20 dollars entrance fee to watch the game between X-Beam FC and Real Kakamora FC on last Sunday 2pm.

I was comfortable sitting in the grand stand, a few meters behind the Real Kakamora bench. The first five minutes was an entertainment then on the sixth minute I was in a state of belief from what I saw.

10 things I cannot believe:

1.      A TSL club without a coach.

2.      All top defenders and goalie removed

3.      All top midfielders, forwards removed

4.      Coach time out on the grandstand

5.      Last position team-filling last 11 players

6.      Players, team officials laughing while conceiving goals

7.      10 times bold headed goalkeeper throwing balls to opposition

8.      10 times bald headed goalkeeper jump to the wrong side.

9.      After 10 goals, in the last 3 minutes the team started to attack for a goal

10.     Lastly and worst still a few SIFF and HFA officials marching out with the teams

I can only suggest that soccer cannot develop with this type of attitude in Solomon Islands. Since one of the highest managed soccer club like Real Kakamora could performed as such, the team deserves no participation in the next League.

I would only pray that SIFF take a tough stand on that match and it officials.

My last request is that SIFF must arrange to return my last 20 dollars and terminate Real Kakamora for life.

Ben Tatalu Didiomea
Soccer fan
Green Valley