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SIEA generators

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – Its with excitement to read last week about SIEA commissioning two new generators at its Honiara power station.

At least we can see some investments being done to improve power problem in the city.

I do hope that power outage in relations to generator problem will be minimal.

I would only accept power outage if there are maintenance work to be done in certain parts of the city.

But to have power outage on a daily basis should now not be a problem for many Honiara residents and businesses.

Its important that more investments are being made to improve our power crisis in the country. And whats being witnessed last week is a welcoming move.

Power supply is important for many business activities and programs happening in the city.

Power disruption continues to affect many businesses especially those with frozen food. Not only that but electrical appliance like computers , hi-fi systems, TV and other appliances have been damaged as a result of sudden power cut in the city.

We should not allow that to happen.

But I can see things are expected to be improved soon for this city in terms of power services given the huge investment. I know SIEA is struggling with its operations to maintain power supply.

And customers should also support them. We should not only complain but help to pay our bills on time.

In meantime I would like to commend SIEA and its current management for taking such huge investment.

Thank you for improving this service and I hope it stays this way for months and years to come.

Patrik Jon Jnr
Central Honiara