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RSIPF clarify money recovered from One Link investigation

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Honiara City, Chief Superintendent Stanley Riolo says the amount of money mentioned in the media recently to have been recovered so far as a result of the investigation into Onelink Pacifica is misleading and incorrect.

Suidani donates 400 knives 

Member of the Malaita Provincial Assembly for Ward 5 and Premier for Malaita Province Daniel Suidani has donated 400 knives to households in West Fataleka.

West steps up covid-19 preparedness

PREPARATION by the Western Provincial Government (WPG) disaster committee is at a high level says Chairman of the National Camp Management Sector Committee (NCMSC), Karl Kuper.

USAID assists cyclone victims

UNITED States Government representative Keithie Saunders and World Vision Response Manager Shupayi Mpunga-Direen visited Lelea Lau and Rurete communities in East Honiara this week to hand over needed relief supplies for the victims of Tropical Cyclone Harold.

Wale: include fees in stimulus package

The Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale calls on the government to take a broad approach in its deliberations today on the proposed stimulus package.

Relief supplies to be dispatched soon

THE Ministry of Environment Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorological Service (MECDM) will soon start dishing out relief supplies to affected communities by the recent tropical cyclone Harold.

Australia gifts second high-speed vessel to RSIPF

The Australian Government has gifted the second of two special purposes, fast pursuit vessels to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) for maritime patrol and response operations.

Schools in non-emergency zone to resume

NON-examination classes in both the primary and secondary schools throughout the provinces will join the rest of the secondary examination classes to proceed with their normal classes as of the 4th of May 2020.

How Strong Democratic Values Help Defeat a Pandemic   

If ever the world needed a reminder of the critical importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is it.  The coronavirus knows nothing of national boundaries, race, religion, nationality, or politics.  We are at risk simply because we are human. But we can – and we will – defeat this virus using the strengths that respect for human rights gives us.    

Alleged thief to face court again on May 12

ONE of the men accused of robbing almost $100,000 from a Bakery in East Honiara will appear in court on May 12.

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