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They are stumbling blocks, claims MP

School hosts Mufty day to ignite students’ future career path

Kukum SDA primary school in East Honiara on Monday successfully staged its school Mufti Day event.

Govt plans to upgrade facilities at Munda airport

The Government has recognised the importance of upgrading facilities at the Munda international airport to cater for the influx of visitors’ arrival.

ACoM to elect new Archbishop soon

THE Anglican Church Of Melanesia’s (ACoM) Provincial Electoral Board members will elect a new Archbishop on 25th June this year.

‘Climate change affects Vatud people too’

WITH the continuous rise on the effects of climate change in the Solomon Islands, Vatud Constituency MP Freda Tuki is calling for more attention from the government and responsible authorities.

Sogavare: we are transparent in political interest

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare says his government would not hide any secret but is open and transparent in the different political grouping interest.

One more to Canada

CITREC Canada Corpis continuing to empower the women of Guadalcanal.

Clamp down on foreigners

THE new Minister for Commerce and Labour will pin down the influx of foreigners coming in the country and continue to engage in business activities reserved for the indigenous Solomon Islanders.

Locals, nation deserve better

Why is Transparency Solomon Islands so concerned about good governance, focusing its advocacy activities on [1] civic awareness, [2] active citizenship/citizens, [3] fight against and rolling back corruption, [4] people engagement, [5] democracy, [6] empowering citizens with information on their relationships and linkages to the three arms of the government, [7] supporting people’s activism, [8] human rights and [9] providing free legal services and advice?

First for the nation


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