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2014 Election Integrity Pledge

03 September 2014

Many candidates have been swept in to Parliament on promises that have never been fulfilled.

Some change their color when they win elections, contradicting what they have promised during campaigning.

Integrity is a value that is vital to build this country stronger, a belief that Transparency Solomon Islands continues to support.

TSI would like to see candidates in the up-coming National General Election to uphold integrity principle before, during and after election, regardless of their political affiliation.

TSI will host an event leading up to the election that will give willing candidates an opportunity to sign an integrity pledge.

This is a voluntary act that requires self-regulatory.

The event will be witnessed by donors, government departments, civil society organizations, churches, women groups and interested members of the public.

But first, what is an Election Integrity Pledge?

An Election Integrity Pledge is a commitment that candidates must make to uphold and promote the principles of transparency and accountability.

Candidates who win should put these principles into practice.

Even those who fail to win the election can still display their integrity in whatever career they engage in.

It is important to understand that this is not a policy that TSI would like the new government to adopt, nor does it force elected MP’s to do what TSI wants.

But in essence TSI want to encourage our elected leaders to demonstrate strong commitment to ethical standards in public life and to promote good governance.

The Election Integrity Pledge is part of the overall effort undertaken by TSI to counter the abuse of entrusted political power and the undue influence of money and private interests in politics.

Corruption in the political systems has fundamentally undermined all other anti-corruption efforts which aim at readdressing it at the political level.

Corruption has demeaned and degraded the Parliament and has breached the confidence of constituents.

That is why TSI believes that integrity matters.

TSI wants to make it clear that this Election Integrity Pledge is not a legally binding agreement

Members of the Public together with TSI have an important role to act as eyes and ears to monitor elected representatives so that  they adhere to the standards set out in the pledge.

Citizens must be active and vigilant if they want to help stop corruption and improve political integrity.

This is one of a number of activities that TSI is organizing under a “Clean Election Campaign 2014”. The program is supported by the United Nation Development Fund (UNDP).

By Transparency Solomon Islands