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Is it a support payment?

11 August 2015

IN a media release this week the Special Secretary to Prime Minister (SSPM) Rence Sore made an attempt to justify to the public  that the $3.7 Million payment Government made to the  owners of Sun Express was a financial support.

If this is true, then this would be in direct contradiction to the Cabinet decision that actually approved this controversial payment.

TSI understands that when this payment first came to light, the reason given was that, the approved payment was a “reimburse to a shipping service operator for damages incurred during the normal course of meeting their contractual obligations (shipping services) to the government”.

The justification made by the SSPM does not answer any doubt the public have at all, instead such explanation is adding to more confusion rather than answers with regards to this payment.

Transparency Solomon Islands is reiterating its earlier call on the Government to explain why tax payers are footing this bill?

It must be understood that the Mbike trip was not a government trip but rather a political outing on the eve of the Prime Minister’s election in December last year.

So the answer the public is dying to know must come from that line so as to clarify why a political orientated trip which is not of the government making was incurred by government finances.

Also, TSI is questioning the Political parties that made up the composition of Democratic Coalition for Change Government is so silent over this issue.

Where is your responsible position regarding this matter? $3.7 Million is such a substantial amount of money that can have effect on making a difference to our poor health and education services.

TSI understands that in the political party manifesto’s of the parties that formed the DCCG, a lot has been said about accountability and transparency.

Where are all the soundly worded political party manifestos?

Is it a campaigning strategy to deceive the public rather than a manifesto to help address this nation to a better country free from corruption and injustice?

Also, this begs the question of being responsible leadership from the political parties and the Government. Somebody or someone is responsible to the citizen of this country to explain why people’s money has to be spent on this political bill?

We want to know what you think about freedom of information in Solomon Islands.