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Fanalei divided over controversial dolphin hunt

01 November 2013

DEAR EDITOR – You got it all wrong, Page 4 of Solomon Star Issue No. 5322 Thursday 31st October, 2013.

Wilson Filei no longer speaks for our community of Fanalei.

His recent remarks that the community is divided over resumption of hunting, come next hunting season, is far remote from any truth.

The dolphin slaughter might have looked like a retaliation by the Fanalei villagers due to EII’s lack of respect for the MOU signed with Fanalei and Walande communities, but actually IT IS NOT.

The truth is that, at the end of the two years ban period (2010 – 2012), the people of Fanalei are now free to go on with their normal lives.
This is all about life returning to normalcy for men, women and children in the community and that is exactly where the community is today.

The community is very much looking forward to its next hunting season of the mammal so that the villagers can be able, through the sale dolphin products, to meet educational needs such as school fees, medical expenses, cultural obligations such as bride price, reconciliations and peace building work amongst families, tribes and church work at the community and parish levels as well as other important needs of the community.

Lest you forget, this time round we are more sensitive in ensuring the interests of our community of Fanalei are well protected in any future deals with foreigners like EII.
We are to ensure any deals contrary to the interests of our people will no longer be entertained or accepted.

Lastly, let me say this to EII and the likes of Mark Berman, Lawrence Makili and Wilson Filei: You can fool us some of the time, but you cannot fool us all of the time. We are simply just sick and tired of your bulk of lies. Enough is enough.

Come 2014 hunting season, we will prove to EII and the world once more the resumption of our traditional hunting practice of the mammal.

Any attempts by environmental activists to stop the practice of dolphin hunting will not be tolerated. Our gains from dolphin hunting far outweighs our loses.

We will not sacrifice our benefits for the enjoyment of a selfish few. Please stop your propaganda because we are firm and nothing will move us.

We cannot be convinced by self-serving interests. Although we acknowledge the need to ensure sustainable harvesting, to STOP dolphin hunting is not an option for us.

As dolphin hunting is our way of life, it is here to stay until the end of time.

Jimmy Aikimane