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Give priority to Dental service

Dear Editor - As one of the rock-bottom tax payers of Solomon Islands, I would be very grateful if you could publish this article in your paper.

The election

Dear Editor – It still seems a long way off, hopefully we will have a Government in place by the end of the year.

Reserved seats

Dear Editor – Milner Tozaka's strong support for the inclusion of 10 females in the parliament cannot be left unchallenged as it is contrary to what is currently prescribed in our constitution.

Watchdog on Moti

Dear Editor - The Moti saga the NCRA regime decide to settle out of court which don’t go down well with the Opposition, who facilitated the mess when he was the PM then and was remote controlled by Aussie to have Mr Moti deported in 2007 should not poke his nose this time on the issue but let NCRA do what they can do to settle the same once and for all.

Police uniform

Dear Editor – Will there be an investigation into the Police uniforms?

Fate of $300,000 Tourism

Dear Editor – Few weeks ago about $300,000 was handed over to the agents and supporters of the MP for Kia/Hograno/Havulei Constituency by his terminated CDO.

Two MPs secure funds

Dear Editor – I have been following the stars with the above story. It’s interesting that I want to jump into another man’s boat.
Maybe so interesting it is that some spectators got so interested and somehow envious about it.

Temotu teachers travel allocation

Dear Editor - Please allow me to reply the Principal Education Officer (Mr. Philip Arofa Niusilani) of Temotu Province on the topic Temotu Teachers Allocation Payout 2013-2014 which appears in the Editor’s column in your paper on Monday 20th January 2014 (Issued No: 5407).

Free and fair election

Dear Editor – We are now in the general election year and we now begin to hear a lot of talks by groups, said to be advocates, of free and fair elections in regards to the coming national election.

Distribution of funds by Rendova CDO

Dear Editor – My only reason to express some thoughts in your medium is to satisfy the mind of the voters back in Rendova Tetepare and south New Georgia about the absence of proper management on Constituency funds and the absolute lack of it under the capacity of the incumbent CDO Kenny Igilave and his associates.