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Choosing leaders who walk the talk

THANKS again to Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI).

Unhygienic behaviour

Dear Editor – An interesting article appeared in your paper last week regarding the unhygienic behaviour of people in Honiara by reporter Inifiri.

Extension of city boundary

Dear Editor – It is my humble view that Tandai Landowners should shelf the negotiations and think of better deals which will give them a win- win conclusion.

Lee’s Lake

Dear Editor – The recent study done at Lees Lake is a good sign of moving the community forward in terms of business, employment and general improvement of the people’s quality of life in the future.

Rodgers for PM

Dear Editor – I was hesitant to respond to Mr Iroga’s response to my Letter to the Editor as printed by the Solomon Star in which I had advocated for Dr Rodgers to be the next PM.

Betelnut in Honiara

Dear Editor – I am writing to condemn the stubborn citizens of this country in Honiara who continue to mess Honiara streets with their betel nut stains and their rubbish.

Thanks Hanaria

Dear Editor – The recent launching of United Party manifesto at Nariaoa in East Are"are is acknowledged and the party leader is praised for that.

Stop misusing our traditional culture

Dear Editor – As a local girl in the village, I just don’t understand what mode of culture Solomon Islands is currently encouraging or promoting today.

Legendary Basil Greg is back

PAPUA New Guinea music legend Basil Greg says he’s glad to be back in Honiara, a place he had visited and performed on five previous occasions.

Fight against service cancer starts with you

The Young Women’s Parliamentary Group (YWPG) on Tuesday 16th September underwent a group Pap smear test at the Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood (SIPPA).