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St Batholomew Anglican Church witnesses priest ordination

Hundreds of people within North West Guadalcanal turned up to witness the ordination of Wilson Basile in Maravovo on Sunday.

Future of savings clubs here

In the considered opinion of the authors, savings clubs in some form are here to stay in the Solomon Islands.

PFIP to promote saving clubs

Pacific Financial Inclusive Program (PFIP) this year will work in partnership with non-government organisation (NGO) in Solomon Islands to (NGO) to promote women’s saving clubs.

The TRC Report and Reconciliation

DEAR EDITOR – The Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government, through its spokesman the Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, said in the last few days the Truth and Reconciliation Report will be tabled in parliament during the government's four-year term.

Change of mind set needed

Dear Editor - Over the weekend, Tony Hughes, a board member of Solomon Island’s Transparency Watchdog and a former Manager of the Solomon's Central Bank, reportedly told Radio New Zealand International that Solomon Island’s Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has a lot of work to do if he is to live up to his promise to tackle corruption.

Our Telekom opens new complex in Yandina

Our Telekom has made its presence much more stronger in Yandina following the opening of its new office complex over the weekend.

Bank hopes to see growth

THE Pan-Oceanic Bank Chairman, Upali de Silva, says his company is optimistic about achieving progress based on the overall economic growth projected by the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government when it launched its policy statement last week.

PNA looks at 2015: Consolidating gains and focusing on governance

Majuro: The Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) are gearing for their annual meeting in early March, with an ambitious agenda in motion for 2015.

ANZ launches mobile banking financial literacy training

ANZ on Tuesday announced an expansion of MoneyMinded, the bank’s flagship adult financial education program, to include a dedicated mobile banking module, reflecting the growth of mobile phone banking in the Solomon Islands.

BSP plans banking expansion in Makira

The Bank South Pacific (BSP) is opening up another agent in Kirakira, Makira Ulawa Province following complains over the poor service provided by the current agent.