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A leader must be a visionary Person

So far we have looked at the meaning of ‘authentic leadership.’

Church head calls on leaders to work together

A VISITING church leader has urged the country’s leaders to set aside their differences and work together if they want great things to happen to the country.

Archbishop: Marry in church

MEMBERS of the Roman Catholic Church in Fiji who have dreams of exchanging vows on a white sandy beach or a beautiful scenery outside of a church or chapel should think twice.

Addicts give up drugs for Jesus

“Say YES to Jesus and NO to drugs for forever”.

Nga Fata Lana la God Enigi Noo (God’s Word in Kwaio has arrived now)

George Tafoa was the first one to begin to pursue a translation of the New Testament (NT) into Kwaio.

World leader ends visit here

SEVENTH Day Adventist (SDA) world leader, Pr Ted Wilson has finally wrapped up his visit here and left for Fiji yesterday.

Church ends program

THE New Apostolic church has successfully completed its one week district ministry leader’s seminar meeting yesterday.

Getting it done leadership

Last week we looked at the first of the purpose-oriented characteristics of leadership ‘A leader must be a visionary person.’

SINCW congratulates Tozaka on election win

THE Solomon Islands National Council of Women (SINCW) yesterday congratulated Jane Tozaka, who is the newly elected Provincial Assembly member for Irigila, ward 10, in Velala vela.

Marking the YWCA week without violence

 Last week marks the YWCA Week without Violence. YWCA of the Solomon Islands joined other YWCAs around the world in recognising the week which falls on 14 to 20 October. The theme of the week focuses on the campaign to end early, child and forced marriage.