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Is Wilson Rano above the law?

Dear Editor – The action of a lawyer Wilson Rano is questionable and raises the question of whether such people are above the law.

Regional conference on disability

Dear Editor – Next week the 4th Regional Conference on Disability will take place at the Tanoa International Hotel in Nadi, Fiji, from the 16th to 20th February.

Student Sponsorship

Dear Editor – Since lending my support to students who had been given letters to study at Solomon Islands National University (SINU) but had limited financial means to support their semester fees and had requested some form of educational sponsorship to enable them to pursue their studies either at the University or at home, my email box has been inundated by young Solomon Island students seeking my help and possible intervention in their right to further education.

Short bus routes

Dear Editor – I will be very grateful if could allow me a space in your famous paper to comment on the above subject.

Teachers’ condition of service

THE greatest challenge for any new government is how successfully they will address and manage teachers’ condition of service efficiently and effectively.

SIWIBA marks 10th anniversary

THE Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) has celebrated its 10th years anniversary yesterday highlighting SIWIBA’s history from where it all begins.

SIWIBA’s dream into reality

SOLOMON Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) was formed to promote and empower women’s participation as business owners in the private sector.

Govt plans to upgrade all provincial airport

Government through the Ministry of Aviation and Communication (MAC) plans to upgrade all provincial airport and terminals.

Another shipping company operates in Choiseul

THE demand for shipping services in Choiseul Province has seen another private shipping firm operating into the province.

Our Telekom Honiara sales road show hits Ranadi

The Ranadi show featured the IRON ROCKN band live on a flatbed truck and set up on the roadside opposite Island Enterprise.