Wed, 26 July 2017
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‘Demonstration lessons important for schools here’

THE introduction of demonstration lessons in schools throughout the country is very important, says a Japanese volunteer who was a teacher at a school in Malaita.

Yusuke Nishiyama was deployed to the Solomon Islands by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under the voluntary scheme called, the Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV).

He is a science teacher at Arnon Atomea School in Malu’u, north Malaita.

Speaking to the Solomon Star from Malu’u, Mr Nishiyama said he introduced demonstration lessons to improve teacher’s education skill.

“It can improve teachers’ skill by observing and studying about my lessons.

“Some lessons that I have taught include card games - students are very interested in the games because they really like the competition.

“In one activity, I made many cards written about Atomic symbols like, H is hydrogen, He is helium, O is oxygen from periodic table. And I made use of these cards for the class activity.

“They like to pick up cards faster than other students. At the same time, they enjoyed remembering the name of cards and each character,” he said.

The science teacher added that he spent almost one year in Solomon Island, but have not seen this kind of teaching approach.

“I think Solomon teachers should introduce such teaching methods to motivate students more.

“I also taught the students on the importance of time by instructing them to finish their work on time,” he said.

Meanwhile, Principal of Arnon Atomea School Henry Bare said this is a good way of improving the teaching skills in schools throughout the country.

“We should take this way and observe each other to discuss about each classes. By doing this, schools in the country can progress in teaching quality education,” Mr Bare said.

Other teachers also said that they will apply such demonstrative teaching in their activities and thanked Mr Nishiyama for introducing such new teaching skills in the school.


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