Fri, 28 July 2017
Last Updated: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 5pm
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Guadalcanal also face rising betel-nut price

THE increasing cost of betel-nut prices in Honiara is also experienced in the Guadalcanal Plains.

A visit by the Solomon Star to the Plains on Monday found that the price of betel-nut in Guadalcanal Plains is the same as Honiara.

Nguvia women vendors said betel-nut prices are high since the new year.

“First of all, one must be clear that the local markets around Guadalcanal have been heavily influenced by the city life.

“In order to make ends meet, we have to be creative with our pricing. This does not happen to betel-nut only but other businesses also.

“Our pricing here in the rural Guadalcanal depends mainly on the changes in the city. It is normal everywhere,” the mother of five, Rosalyn Benadeth said.

She added people should not expect betel-nut, cocoa, copra, and other products in Guadalcanal to be cheap due to the location.

“We are servicing different people that are travelling to our side from the city.

“For us, we think our customers will understand where we come from.

“In terms of business, this is what we have been surviving on all through,” Ms Benadeth said.

Meanwhile, she also wanted to remind those travelling east to Guadalcanal not to expect cheap prices on locally farmed products.


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