Tue, 25 July 2017
Last Updated: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 6am
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‘Handle with care’

The new shredding machine for the Ranadi landfill in East Honiara costs about $382,000 therefore its must be taken care of.

Sumitomo Metal and Mining Solomon Limited (SMM Solomon) which helped to fund the new machine urged the Honiara City Council (HCC) yesterday during the official handing over of the machine to the country.

Ken Magusa representing SMM Solomon said: “I want you to look after this machine to serve its purpose to its fullness.”

He added that this project is very expensive and it needs extra care from those who are being assigned to work with it.

“This machine itself cost us (SMM Ltd) a big money which is close to $260, 000 while the transformer for the machine costs abour $20,000.

“While freighting for the machine from Japan to Solomon Islands costs $35, 000.00.

“And the materials for the project $67,000.

“Therefore the total amount where we spend for the whole project is roughly about this total, $382,000.

“This machine now is yours but we want you to look after it carefully.”

He strongly believes that the equipment will benefit the HCC through the processing of rubbish from the Central Market and in so doing will reduce the amount of rubbish at the dumpsite.

Mr Magusa said that all the equipment will assist in managing the rubbish at the Central Market and the dump-site.

He added another advantage is the production of the compost which will assist farmers and Supsup garden owners in their garden.

The crusher is for organic waste specifically for market wastes, this is in response to the Honiara City Council’s (HCC) call for support to minimize waste management in the capital.

 “By using this crusher, the town council can now dispose organic wastes effectively for compost purposes.”

He said that the HCC compost project is also part of Sumitomo’s Company Social Responsibility,

He added that market goers and vendors are advised to be responsible and dispose organic wastes separately for shredding.

“When the bulky organic wastes are dispose in the machine it will be crushed thus minimizing the size of the waste,” Mr Magusa said.

It is understood that the compost also includes saw dust and brewery grains apart from food waste.

The composts will then be packed for collection from possible customers like the Ministry of Agriculture, Supsup Gardens, logging companies and even domestic gardeners.

“We purposely donated this to reduce the market waste products and in return benefit the agricultural sector in Honiara by making available the packed compost.”


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