Sat, 22 July 2017
Last Updated: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 8am
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Frustration rises for Malaita ANZ customers

ANZ bank customers in Malaita province who wish to do money transaction through cheque will have to travel to Honiara to be able to access this very service.

And this was causing so much frustration and inconvenience amongst customers.

This was after the ANZ bank has decided to close down its operational branch in Malaita provincial capital of Auki at the end of June this year.

For the past two weeks ANZ customers in Auki who wish to do cheque transaction were turned-back from the Auki ANZ Go Money agents as the service was not authorized through Go Money.

This means that those who wish to cash their ANZ cheque and do cheque deposits will have to go across to Honiara to be able to access this very service.

“This is a setback for us ANZ customers in Malaita”, a frustrated customer told the Solomon Star in an interview.

“At first I think the Go Money agent would also deal with cheque, but when I learned that they are not cashing cheque, I was very disappointed because I will have to go Honiara to cash my cheque”, the customer said.

The customer who wants his identity withheld from publication said some ANZ customers in Auki are yet to learn about this.

“We are really feeling the impacts of the ANZ closure now.”

In the meantime, customers who are using the ANZ Go Money agents in Auki are also raising complaints about the unreliability of the service.

A customer told this paper that last week that while they were queuing up to withdrew money, all of the sudden, a Go Money agent told them that they are running out of cash.

The customer said this has left most of the customers frustrated.

Just three weeks since the Auki ANZ branch closed its Auki branch and resolve to Go Money, its customers are yet to get use of the changes that comes with the untimely closure of the branch and the reliability of the ANZ Go Money.

In Auki

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