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Applicant questions solar project

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AN applicant for the Japanese funded Solar Project under the Ministry of Mines and Energy questions when names of successful applicants will be announced.

The applicant, who wanted his name withheld for fear of being dropped, said under the project, there are 2000 home solar systems for rural electrification.

The man said he understands that the items already arrived in the country but the Ministry is yet to confirm recipients.

“We need to know the result because it has been quite a while now since applications were submitted.

He said recipients also need enough time to look for money to meet the $1,960 installation fee.

When contacted, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Mines and Energy confirmed that the solar sets have already arrived.

He said applicants have already been identified and they will be notified through the local media soon.

The officer said they decided to sort out the items before putting out names of the successful applicants.

“We want all things to be ready so that transporting of materials will be done soon after we announce the successful applicants.”

He added that recipients despite the short notice can still have time to look for installation fees because there will be a grace period given to allow them to look for the money.

The officer stressed that they wanted the distribution and installation to be properly done.

“These solar sets comes with 120 watts panels which costs around $10,000, thus should be properly managed.”