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Women defy market ban

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WOMEN selling second-hand and sewn clothes at the Honiara central market refused to back down despite a ban for them to stop by the end of October.

The Honiara City council (HCC) has warned the women in August that they have until the end of October to sell second-hand and sewn clothes at the market.

The market head mistress Martha Horiwapu earlier said by October end, the business must be stopped and that she would write a letter to remind the women.

One of the women at the market yesterday said they did not receive any letter therefore will continue because it is their only form of income.   

The Solomon Star visited the market yesterday and questioned the HCC why they failed to execute their plan.

“They should stop selling clothes now, but I think we will have to wait for the head mistress,” one officer told the Solomon Star.

He said the market head mistress is away in Fiji.

Under council market regulations, second-hand clothes and other retail products are banned from being sold at the market.