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Construction of Lomlom airport starts soon

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The much awaited airport in the Reef Islands will soon begin its construction.

A visit to Lata wharf yesterday morning saw managing director of Fair Trade and contractor Mr. Chacha Amoi with heavy machines onboard a landing craft bound for Reef Islands.

Reports said bystanders at the wharf are very happy to see such big development happening in the province despite the recent earthquake and tsunami that caused damages to parts of Santa Cruz Islands.

They call on people of Reef Islands to be open minded on such development and allow their land for the machines to pass through.

It is understood that some landowners are start claiming berth fees and access road fees for those machines to be transported to the construction area.

This is not good for development and will delay the national project.

One of the teachers in Reef Islands Frank Natei said; they are very delighted to see the new development, the sign of machines now in our shores gives us hope.

He said many times they travel to Lata during rough seas and risk their lives. With the airport it will now make life easy for everyone.

Mr. Natei called on landowners to respect the government national project to be implemented successfully for the betterment of people in the remote Islands of Reef Islands.

He acknowledges the national government the provincial authorities the contractor and the landowners for their commitment in ensuring that the project is implemented as plan.

The Lomlom airport is one of the earmarked projects by the national government.