Tue, 25 July 2017
Last Updated: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 6am
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FSII vows to address issues

The Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) plans to consult Cabinet to address some of its controversial decisions.

This follows a resolutions derived in their public forum held yesterday in Honiara.

At the forum those who attended the event have condemned many of these decisions related to public funds.

Representatives from NGOs, Prime Ministers Office, Parliamentary Opposition group, Civil Society groups, local organisations and individuals turned up for the forum.

Eleven (11) controversial decisions were made by the Government which the forum plans to take steps to address.

These are;

 (1) Appointment of certain cabinet ministers to controversial portfolios;

(2) Appointment of 39 Political Appointees (PA) who lack sound advices, given their fat salaries and the strings of controversial decisions;

(3) The ambiguous People’s budget of $4.1 billion with an unrealistic timeframe;

(4) Promises for major developments for Guadalcanal and Malaita;

(5) failure by DCCG to address the ongoing Solomon Airline saga;

(6) The Red House issue. Why the PM is renting his own house instead of residing in the Red House;

(7) Failure by the DCCG to resolve the Rennell Bauxite issue; (8) Reshuffling of the Mines Minister, sacking of the permanent secretary;

(9) Cabinet decision to pay $3.7 million to Sun Express as compensation damage;

(10) The unpaid Heritage Park Hotel bill incurred by three ministers and;

(11) The recent cabinet decision to channel $3.3 million for disaster relief to 33 MPs.

The meeting ended with resolutions agreed upon by participants to further pursue the matter with the government anytime soon, once their recommendations are finalised next week.



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