Tue, 25 July 2017
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Women engaged to feed flood victims

FOR the past six days, women of United Church in Honiara were engaged to feed six of the evacuation centres in Honiara with simple nutritious meals.

The national government provided $50,000 for each church group to assist in feeding the more than 9,000 evacuees who registered at the centres.

The United Church women’s group was tasked to feed Mbua Valley, Coronation, Naha, and Koloale centres.

The church’s women’s coordinator Joy Jino said the four camps they’ve been feeding have a total of 894 people.

“The meals were simple, but nutritious and balanced,” the she said.

“The money the government provided were used to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for the meals.”

She said 12 women from their group were responsible for preparing and feeding the camps each day.

“We prepared cassava, potato, rice, cabbages, meat, chicken and fish.”

She said her group also used the opportunity to share God’s word with the victims.

“Before their dinner, we sit down with the people and share God’s word before they take their food.

“We encourage them through God’s word that despite their loss and pain, God is in control.”

Chairman of Coronation centre Peter Kimasiru thanked the United Church women for their motherly love and care.

“These women always ensure the food they prepare is shared equally amongst everyone,” Mr Kimasiru said.

“We were also blessed by God’s word which was shared to us everyday before dinner,” he said.

Mrs Jino said their term of engagement is up, but said they are prepared for reengagement should the government need their service again.



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