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Save Senta Ltd officially open for public

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The new Save Senta building at Point Cruz, Honiara.
Save Senta Ltd, a newly established business in the heart of Honiara city has officially opened its doors for the public on Saturday.

The bookshop was officially opened by Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Hon. Michael Ogio.

Mr Ogio and his high profile delegation arrived in the country Friday evening purposely to witness and officially opened Save Senta Ltd, a resources centre that provides quality educational materials for school children and of course for people of all ages.

Save Senta is the first of its kind in the country and people in the country should be proud of this great achievement in the development of education for the people of this country.

In his speech at the opening, Mr Ogio said, the opening of Save Senta Ltd is a re-establishment of many relationships between the people of PNG and Solomon islands and between the institutions such as the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE) and the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) bringing benefits to both countries.

“ Human Capital Development is one of the seven priority pillars in his government and through fine collaboration of Univentures, an arm of UPNG, it reflects how his Government, its education department and Office of Higher Education, its schools and Universities is taking leading roles in achieving this pillar.

“Univentures is a business arm of UPNG operating activities such as the University Printery, Press and Bookshop, housing developments and joint ventures to manufacture computers and TV screens,” he said.

“ UPNG and Univentures are proud to extend its commitment in the Solomon Islands.”

He further stated that UPNG bookshop at Waigani in PNG is renowned as the best bookshop in PNG.

Now, Honiara and Solomon Islands have access to this resource.

He urged local Solomon Islanders to support Save Senta Ltd.

He stressed the immense value of books that they not provide information but also extend our world with a variety of new experiences.

He congradulated the UPNG and its business arm Univentures for their forsight and commitment in developing and establishing Save Senta in Honiara.

He hopes the establishment of Save Senta will be a financial success for the University and a community success for the people of Solomon Islands.

Hon. Michael Ogio at the conclusion of his speech offered two scholarships for two students to undertake their studies at the UPNG Campus in Honiara.

This is welcoming news for the country.

Witnessing the grand opening of the SAVE SENTA are General Manager of Univentures, Henry Kiumo, UPNG Chancellor, Stephen Pokawin, UPNG Pro- Chancellor and Univentures Chairman Mr Pamullu s Narakobi,UPNG Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Allen Easton, Mrs Nahau Rooney the first woman MP of PNG,Acting High Commissioner of PNG to Solomon Islands Mrs Pundu and other UPNG lecturers and invited guests.

Chancellor of UPNG said, the body conducting the open campus is bigger in Solomon Islands than other Pacific countries.

He urges the government, institutions, and stakeholders to work together and build on the foundation already laid by governments of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

He said the establishment of Save Senta was not to compete but to the schools and colleges in the country in providing the best quality resources for our people to look after the country in the future.

Also speaking during the ceremony was the Vice Chancellor and Chairman of Univentures who stressed the importance of education and would like to see PNG as well as Solomon Islands excels in education through the provision of a knowledge centre, Save Senta Ltd. He is very pleased to actually come and witness such a goal being achieved.

He also stressed that strengthening of our government system, education system and now business ties between PNG and Solomon Islands is a way forward towards development.

He said, it is enough for institutions to depend on government funding but to find other alternative to bring in revenue.

 And this is the goal of Univentures, a business arm of UPNG which is currently earning more revenue for the University than the grant received from the national government. And this is the way forward.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister for Education and Human Resources Development was SICHE Director, Donald Malasa.

He said, the government of Solomon Islands greatly acknowledged the support rendered between the two governments.

“It goes beyond political and economical support.

“The extended partnership between UPNG and SICHE is a boost for the country and SICHE is very privileged to have an open dialogue and signed a MOU with UPNG.

“This is what the nation really needs to improve and develop its human capacity,” Mr Malasa said.

Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Easton would like to see this partnership between the two countries expand to provide an avenue where lecturers of these two institutions SICHE and UPNG to engage in an exchange teaching program between them.

This is a welcoming news for the country since it will enhance and build confidence and exposure for our local lecturers and gaining new knowledge, skills and experience from professionals and come back to develop our country.

Mr Malasa on behalf of the Solomon Islands Government, thanked  the UPNG representatives for their support and hope to work more closely in partnership as far as the education of the country is concerned.

The ceremony was closed with a reception at the Iron Bottom Sound Hotel (IBSH).

Save Senta Bookshop is currently one of the best bookshops in town that can provide and meet your educational needs.

 If you are thinking of a place to find quality educational materials or text books for your personal and educational needs, think Save Senta.

They have all kinds of books and materials to choose from.

They can provide educational books that cover a variety of topics to choose from.

This includes topics related to Education and Literature, Economics and Law, Pacific/History, Social Sciences, Science, Environment, Tourism and Hospitality, References, and many more you can name it.

Walk in today and see for yourselves.

It is located at the LKP Building at the Mission place area.

If what you are looking for is not available on the selves, they can order it for you in no time. This bookshop has the capacity to provide whatever book of your interest.

All their books are sources from well-known suppliers in the US, India, Australia and Korea. If UPNG Waigani bookshop is the best bookshop in PNG, then that means, SAVE SENTA is the best bookshop in the country because it is supplied with books from UPNG Waigani Bookshop that are supplied from their suppliers in the US, Australia, India and South Korea.

They sourced quality and genuine resources for the benefit of the people. And these books are sold for very affordable prices. The price you get for the books cannot be compared to the knowledge gained from these resources.

Future developments of Save Senta will see library for members to be opening soon in the bookshop and a computer lab to assist students in their researches, assignments and school activities.

UPNG is in the process of manufacturing its notebooks and TV screens with a joint venture company in Korea is looking forward to providing these equipments o Solomon Islands to boost student’s educational learning.

If you are seriously thinking about your future and the country’s future, then you should start building your knowledge at the SAVE SENTA BOOKSHOP.

By Daniel Namosuaia