Tue, 25 July 2017
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Historic piano performance at sch graduation

GRADE two students of Arnon Atomea primary school in Malu’u, North Malaita were the champions of the day during the school’s graduation, last Wednesday.

This was after they added icing to the closing of the school’s academic year when performing for the first time in their wee pianos in front of a huge crowd.

 The children showcased their talents, after many months of practise which finally paid off during the event.

In a report from the school this week, Japanese Volunteer Yusuke Nishiyama said this year, the graduation was renewal that saw the young piano group playing the national anthem and Malaita anthem during the graduation.

The wee pianos were donated by a JICA project called “Smiles for all in the world”.

The project allows Japanese people to contribute goods to other countries through JICA in Japan.

“Since August, primary kids have been trained to learn how to play them hard.

“They were trained to play piano by primary teachers. Many teachers supported how to play pianos from Japan every after school.

“Every after school, the students will assemble in one classroom with pianos on the desks.

“They practiced a lot how to play the National anthem and the Malaita Province’s national anthem to be played on the graduation ceremony this year,” Mr Nishiyama said.

Mr Nishiyama said, the kids added flavour and harmony as the highlight of the graduation ceremony.

The guests that were invited to be part of the ceremony were also surprised with how the kids showcased their piano talents at the event.


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