Fri, 28 July 2017
Last Updated: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 5pm
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Gold Ridge Cabinet Sub committee

Dear Editor – Please allow space for a response to a letter in your newspaper entitled “Djokovic DCC Frontman”

  1. The letter had raised a few important issues, especially in relations to the Gold Ridge Cabinet Sub Committee.

  2. The Cabinet Sub Committee is headed by a Chairperson, Hon Bradley Tovosia with members drawing from relevant ministries and government departments.

  3. We confirm that work is ongoing in terms of Gold Ridge, and there is significant progress. Any further announcement of this progress will come officially from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and / or the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification.

  4. Statements made by the COS at the PAC are made in the context of budgetary scrutiny and such statements were done within the capacity of COS as head of the PIMEU – Policy Unit which oversees policy implementation of the Executive Government. Thus, as correctly stated, the role of the Chief of Staff is multi-faceted; both policy and administrative.

  5. Therefore, the statement made by the COS in parliament during the PAC should not be taken to address a general misconception but more so the policy intentions and objectives of the DCC Government in relation to re-opening of the Gold Ridge Mine, which has the support of the Cabinet Sub Committee.

  6. Should the public require further information with regards to project at Gold Ridge, please do not hesitate to consult with the Secretariat for the Cabinet Sub Committee.

Bradley Tovosia


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