Tue, 25 July 2017
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Auki cell break-out


A POLICE hunt is underway in Malaita for two prisoners – one a murder and rape suspect – who escaped Auki Correctional Centre on New Year’s night.

Malaita Provincial Police Commander David Wate confirmed this to the Solomon Star on Tuesday.

“Both suspects are on remand,” Mr Wate said.

“One is a murder suspect, the other is being held for a minor criminal offence,” he added.

How and why the two prisoners escaped the newly built and well-secured Auki Correctional Centre is now a subject of police investigation, according to Mr Wate.

The Solomon Star understands the murder suspect was from west Mbaelelea in north Malaita.

He was arrested early last year and was being held for charges of murder and rape.

This was in relation to the death of an under-aged girl who was allegedly raped and killed in the Mbaelelea area.

According to Mr Wate, the accused is due to face the court this year.

“The two prisoners escaped between the hours of 12am and 6am,” Mr Wate said.

Mr Wate appealed to the Malaita public to be on the look-out for the escapees.

“They are prisoners and can be dangerous.

“If members of the community see them around, please call the police immediately.

“They are a threat to the community as long as they are out there,” Mr Wate added.

Auki Correctional Service authorities declined to divulge any information on the escape when contacted, Tuesday.

Correctional authorities in Honiara have not answered their office phone when called.

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