Wed, 26 July 2017
Last Updated: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 2pm
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School results to be released soon

SCHOOL results are expected to be released soon.

A source within the Ministry of Education said the results are ready and only awaiting the Minister of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), John Moffat Fugui to sign them off.

The source said the results are on schedule and will be released on time.

Asked if the results will be published in the local newspapers,the source decline to comment further adding once the minister stamped his signature everyone (parents/guardians) will be able to see their children placement/result thereafter.

“The release of the 2017 school placement should be within the second week of January or later,” the source said.

“School placements for students have already been completed, thus parents and guardians should expect to see their children school placement or result in the second or third week of this month,” the source revealed.

The information was sought following concerns by some parents with the delay in releasing results.

“We want to know the results because we need to prepare if we know our children will be doing further studies,” one parent said.

The parents told the Solomon Star, delaying the results every year always keeps parents in suspense.

“To us, timing is important because quick releasing of result means parents can prepare well ahead of the academic year.

“We cannot prepare things like bedding and other school requirements when we don’t know whether our children will go through or not.”

The parents said this is an issue that forces people to look to their MPs for quick cash to solve the problem.

They said that it is normal with the delay every year but they urge the NESU office to speed up things to ensure abundant time is given to parents to prepare ahead for their children’s school requirement.

The Solomon Star understands that many parents and guardians are visiting the Ministry of Education National Examination Standard Unit (NESU) since over the past weeks just to get updates on the actual date for the release of the 2017 school placement.

The first semester for 2017is expected to begin early February.




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