Tue, 25 July 2017
Last Updated: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 6am
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Bank break-in

BANK South Pacific Auki Branch will close for business today until further notice after a break-in early Sunday morning.

This was confirmed by Bank South Pacific (BSP) Auki Branch manager Gordon Ifuimae to Solomon Star yesterday afternoon.

Mr Ifuimae said the bank will suspend all its business operations in Auki today to enable police to conduct their investigation into the break-in.

Asked if those involved left with any money or anything valuable, Mr Ifuimae said at this point of time they are still to establish if those involved took any money from the bank.

According to Auki Police, the thieves broke in the building using what they believed to be a bolt cutter to cut off a window security screen at the front entry.

“They removed three louver glasses to make their entry,” police said.

Police said those involved entered and opened three other doors inside the BSP office searching for money before exiting through the back door.

Police said they believed the incident could have happened after 3am Sunday morning because a police officer was at the bank’s ATM just before 3am to withdraw some money.

They said at that time nothing suspicious happened.

However, at around 7am Sunday morning when another police officer went to withdraw money from the same ATM machine the officer noticed the hole in the building’s entry.

The officer alerted Auki Police who quickly attended to the scene.

News of the break-in attracted members of the public who gathered at the scene as police secured the area with yellow tapes.

Police have located and collected some of the items used during the break-in and these include a knife and ashes which police believed the thieves used to cover their fingerprints.

This is the second time the bank’s Auki Branch has been targeted.

In 2015 robbers also stole from the bank in broad daylight at gunpoint.

Since the 2015 robbery no security fencing or security officers had manned the building.


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