Thu, 20 July 2017
Last Updated: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 9am
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Captains taken to task


THE three passenger and cargo vessels that run aground during the festive session are now on the Solomon Island Maritime Safety and Administration (SIMSA) radar.

The vessels are MV Nautabu of Lauru Shipping, MV Tafusibata, and MV Victory.

No casualties or death were been reported after the wrecks, but investigation into the incidents,which happened at different locations in the country, is progressing.

MV Nautaburan aground at Suri Reef in East Choiseul, MV Victory at Uhu in East Are’are, and MV Tafusibata at Kiu in West Are’are, Malaita Province.

This was confirmed by head of SIMSA Operation Safe Boat Derek Saru, yesterday.

Mr Saru and his officers have inspected MV Nautabu and found no major damage to the vessel.

Mr Saru said they will also do the same to MV Victory and MV Tafusibata.

“We will continue with our investigation as some of these vessels never report back to us during their wreckage which was a breach of SISA regulations,” Mr Saru said.

He cautioned that any vessel facing problems at sea need to report immediately back to SIMSA to confirm passengers’ safety.

MV Nautabu was carrying 220 passengers when it ran aground at Suri Point.

Captain Shem Vaqalo of MV Nautabu confirmed this to SIMSA.

The vessels manage to make its way out from Suri Point after cargoes and passengers were off loaded.

It arrived at Point Cruz Wharf yesterday for inspection and investigation by SIMSA.

The other two vessels are yet to arrive in Honiara.


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