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Backbenchers confirm allegiance to Opposition

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SIX former National Coalition for Reform Advancement (NCRA) Government backbenchers who were once revoked by the Prime Minister Danny Philip led government, have once again reiterated their support and allegiance to the Opposition camp.

The six former government backbenchers namely; Mark Kemakeza - MP for Nggella, Chris Laore - MP for Shortlands, Martin Sopage - MP for North Guadalcanal, Selwyn Riumana -MP for Hograno-Kia-Havulei, James Tora - MP for Ulawa-Ugi  and Varian Lonamei - MP for Maringe-Kokota, responded to a statement by the government denying that all six were revoked and are still members of NCRA.

Special Secretary to Prime Minister Andrew Muaki pointed out that the group disassociated themselves from NCRA and at their own free will and for reasons only known to them.

Adding that as far as Prime Minister Danny Philip is concerned, the six including MP for North West Guadalcanal Bodo Dettke still remain an integral part of the NCRA Government.

Former government backbencher Chris Laore however said that they are fully behind the Opposition in its quest to topple Prime Minister Danny Philip in the motion of no confidence today, adding that none of them are still members of NCRA or are thinking of going back.

“My message to the Prime Minister is don’t cry over spilt milk.

“The government called us ping pong politicians or grasshoppers, who in their right mind would go back after such.

“We came out of the government not for our personal interests but the interests of our people, therefore we whole heartedly support the Opposition and will be on their side during the motion tomorrow (today),” Mr Laore said.

The same sentiments were uttered by former Minister for Police and Justice, James Tora who was the Chairman of the Opposition group meeting at the Pacific Casino on Wednesday night.

Mr Tora called on all the MP’s present at the camp to continue rendering their support to the Opposition as it is the only avenue for change.