Thu, 20 July 2017
Last Updated: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 9am
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Mentally-sick must be removed from streets

POLICE, health, and tourism authorities are urged to work together to keep mentally-ill people off the streets when large groups of overseas visitors are in Honiara.

City resident Batros Mane made the call after observing some mentally-ill people causing disturbances to the visiting Taiwanese Navy Squadron in Honiara on Good Friday.

“Responsible authorities should keep these people off the streets especially when visitors abroad are here,” Mr Mane said

“I’ve witnessed today that some of these mentally-ill are a nuisance to the visiting Taiwanese friends,” he added.

“They walked up to them and talking nonsense and I can see the frustration and confusion from the Taiwanese marine officers’ face.”

Mr Mane added that the action of these mentally-ill people towards the visitors yesterday demeans our country’s status.

“The sick people actually disturb and embarrass those visiting sailors.

“I’ve witness one of the mentally-ill man begging the sailors to give him money and keeps following them around town,” Mr Mane said, adding this is a bad indicator of our community approach and attitude towards the visitors.

The issue of keeping and providing medical assistance to mentally-ill people that usually roams around town has been a challenge for Honiara City Council and the Medical Authorities.

National Mental Health office recently emphasized that it is everyone’s responsibility to assist and help mentally ill people.

“There is not enough awareness made on helping people with such disabilities in our country.

“Families are the ones who should seek mental health services for their relatives who have such conditions,” the National Mental Health office stated.

The Taiwan Navy Squadron, comprising of 742 personnel, is here for three days on a goodwill visit.


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