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Mother bashed, died in front of 5 children

GORY details of how a man allegedly killed his wife in front of their five children in the Marau area of east Guadalcanal last Friday were revealed in court on Wednesday.

This comes as Joseph Oai, 35, appeared in court, charged with the murder of his wife Madlyn Menoni, 30.

Documents the police prepared for the court showed Madlyn was badly beaten and died a brutal death in the hands of the man who was supposed to care for and protect her.

Police documents stated last Friday (5 May), Oai had an argument with his wife, who was originally from Temotu Province, at their home on Marauiapa island.

“Oai left after the argument and returned home the next day (Saturday) at about 3pm and 5pm, drunk,” documents stated.

“The wife seeing her husband drunk started shouting and asking him about where were the foods he bought for his kids.

“Oai jumped out of the boat he was travelling in and got hold of a mangrove stick.

“He went straight to his wife who was carrying their six-month old baby and hit her repeatedly on the back of her neck.

“The stick also reached and landed on the forehead of the baby,” the documents revealed.

In the course of the beating, the stick broke into two and Oai went inside their kitchen and grabbed another stick.

Police say by that time, Madlyn dropped herself down on her knees and cried out that her leg was bleeding.

“Oai then took the second stick and hit his wife’s legs saying, ‘distaem nao bae mi killim iu die nao” (I will now kill you to death).

“At that point, he landed the stick on his wife’s legs, forcing her to fall on the ground with the baby.

“Madlyn managed to save her baby from harm as she fell, but her head landed on top of a stone next to her their house.

“She made her last shout before she fell silent and died,” the police brief said.

Police say Oai chased away witnesses who tried to intervene and help Madlyn.

Police arrested Oai on May 7 and brought him over to Honiara, along with his wife’s body and their five children, Monday this week.

Principal Magistrate Augustine Aulanga remanded Oia in custody after public prosecutor Elma Rizzu made an application.

Oia faced the court on Wednesday without a lawyer.

Arrangements are being made for the children to undergo trauma counselling.




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