Wed, 26 July 2017
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A COMPANY has offered to support the five children being left behind by their mother who was allegedly killed by the father a fortnight ago in Marau, East Guadalcanal.

Solrice Company Limited in response to this paper’s front page report over the weekend appealing for support said, it wants to offer help to ensure the kids can recover from their traumatic ordeal.

Nick Ellis, Solrice General Manager said, he along with his team are greatly disturbed by the recent killing of the mother of the 5 innocent children.

Therefore they expressed their desire to help.

“We feel we would in some way like to assist in a small way in the successful recovery of these children from what is clearly a very traumatic experience that they hopefully will be able to put behind them sometime in a positive and bright future.”

The company’s offer of assistance will involve paying for a check up by a doctor of all the five (5) children and for the treatment to the head wound of the youngest sibling.

Secondly, to lessen the burden on their aunty, Lydia Iloa, the company promised to assist the aunty by helping to feed and support the kids at her home.

Mr Ellis said the company wants to get in touch with the Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women or directly with aunty Lydia as soon as possible in order to promptly get this assistance underway.

On Saturday the Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women has issued an appeal to various organisations to assist with the basic needs of the five children.

The council’s president Alice Anthonia made this appeal after visiting the children at their auntie’s home at Lungga, East Honiara on Friday.

Members of the council visited the children with gifts to help support them during their stay in Honiara.

The children’s mother was finally laid to rest at Kola Ridge cemetery on Wednesday.

Since the children came to Honiara they had not said much, it was revealed.

Ms Anthonia said one of the five children even asked them about the whereabouts of their father.

“This is a very tearful situation,” the GPCW president said.

She said there was also the issue of the six-month-old child who was accidently hit on the forehead when the father was allegedly beating his wife.

The child is yet see to a doctor for check-up.

Lydia Iloa, the children’s aunty, said none of the children had spoken about the incident.

“They played during the day and it seems as if they have forgotten about the incident but I don’t know what will happen in the days to come.

“They never talk about their parents,” Ms Iloa said.

She said only six-month-old Philomena Osiropo cries at night.

She said there is still swelling on the baby’s forehead as a result of the stick which the father allegedly used to hit his wife.

Since the incident, the whole family had avoided talking about the incident in front of the children.

“These children have seen what happened to their mother and for sure they will talk about it but we don’t want them to do that at the moment because we want them to take their mind away from the incident,” the children’s aunty said.

Meanwhile, Ms Anthonia urged the public to help support the children.

“These children need our help everyone because this is a hard situation.

“Their mother is dead and their father is now in custody and there is no one for them to lean on for support.

“I humbly appeal to organisations, churches and other groups who have a heart to assist to come out and lend their hands towards the kids,” she said.

The children are yet to undergo trauma counselling.

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