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PM to move into Red House

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PRIME Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo yesterday announced that he will be moving into the Prime Minister’s residence at Vavaya Ridge as early as next week, once minor repairs on the house currently underway is completed.

Mr Lilo clarified this at a press conference yesterday, following mounting speculation from the public questioning if the Prime Minister will be housed at the Prime Minister’s residence or at Honiara Hotel where he currently resides.

“I would like to inform the people of Solomon Islands that the Prime Minister will be moving back to the Red House as soon as a minor repair on the residence is complete.

“I do not indent to reside anywhere else, and wish to tell the people that this Prime Minister will be moving out and into the Red House in a matter of days.

“Currently repairs on old locks and other parts of the house are being done, once that is complete I will be moving in,” Prime Minister Lilo said.

Mr Lilo said that such actions will be done in order to show the public his commitment toward less spending of taxpayer’s money by renting other people’s houses or residing in Hotels in Honiara.

“I would like to show the people the value of taxpayer’s money, how to spend less, how the money can be used for other developments,” he said.

He said that under his government, no MP’s should be living in Hotels or renting people’s houses where residences allocated to them are already there.