Wed, 26 July 2017
Last Updated: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 2pm
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Citizens told to actively involve in politics

SOLOMON Islanders are urged to be actively involved in the political affairs of the country.

This call was made by Member of Parliament for Small Malaita Rick Hou during the opening of Democratic Alliance Party National Convention over the weekend in Honiara.

Mr Hou said every issue of public interest has a political angle to it.

“When you get the right people in elected offices, when the right people are providing advice to politicians, when the right people are designing policies, when the right people are managing party politics, when the right people serving on the party committees, the country will make huge strides and a lot of headway in its development aspirations.

“…when you have the wrong people occupying these offices, the opposite is also true,” Mr Hou said.

He said politics is not a matter to be frowned on, ignored, shunned or left to only a few.

“Everybody in this country should not only get registered and vote on polling day, but we should all participate in directing the course of our country.

“To not be engaged at all, is to my mind, doing a huge disservice to you country.

“So it is noble and worthy call on all Solomon Islanders to be actively involved in the political affairs of the country,” Mr Hou said.

He said by actively involving in politics means helping to shape the development course of our country.

“Most of you are already contributing in various forms; either as a business person, a chief executive officer of a private sector organisation, a public servant, an electrician, plumber, a teacher, a police officer, serving in civil society or other civil affairs in this country,” he said.


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