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Local may be considered for acting role

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WAN Smolbag of Vanuatu may consider including some local actors in the future Love Patrol series if funding continues for the educational drama.

Lawrence Lulu of the Wan Smolbag said this yesterday at the launch of the Love Patrol part two series in Honiara.

He said since the release of the Love Patrol series few years ago in regional televisions, the series is attracting a lot of viewers and even those from other parts of the world.

Wan Smolbag have just completed the shooting of the Love Patrol 3 and they hope that will not be a long gap before it is being released.

He said funding is still a hurdle for them to continue with the series.

Currently AusAid, NZAid, Global Fund and Secretariat of Pacific Community (SPC) are funding the million dollar project.

Mr Lulu said if there is budgetary support for more future series in the coming years then actors from other countries like Solomon Islands may be included.

"May be if we can find the money we could keep the series going for years to come and even get some Solomon Islander actors involved," he said.

One News Television and ABC TV have been airing the series recently which had generated a lot of interest from viewers.

Mr Lulu said the issues raised in the series are issues affecting those in Melanesian countries.