Sat, 22 July 2017
Last Updated: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 8am
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A DEAD unidentified body of a male believed to be in his 30’s was found floating in the Mataniko River, Central Honiara around 3pm yesterday afternoon.

The police said the body of Melanesian features was first spotted by two women floating near the river banks close to the clinic.

They were shocked with the discovery and immediately reported the matter to the Chinatown Police post.

Upon arrival police the man was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene.

“Two women coming for referral at the clinic cool off under these shade trees and saw the dead body floating at the river bank.

“They alerted the Police officers who are stationed next door.

“Police arrived and the body is still in the river,” the Chinatown police said.

A police officer at the scene said it appeared the dead body has been in the river since Tuesday night.

“Only a portion of his head and back was seen popping out of the water whilst rest of his body remains submerged underwater.

“He was still in his clothes and has a plaster covering a wound on one of his legs.

“When the police forensic team pulled the body out of the water, it has a pungent smell which indicates that it is been in the river for many hours,” the police officer said.

Police officers at the scene said it is unclear how the man ended up in the river.

A bag of home brew (kwaso) was also found when police cordoned the river bank scene and taken into custody.

The incident attracted a huge crowd from the Chinatown shops, community members residing along the Mataniko River and more descended onto the scene after the Lawson Tama soccer match.

The body was taken to the morgue for post mortem to ascertain the cause of death whilst investigations are underway.

The discovery has shocked many people living along the river banks.

The deceased is yet to be identified.




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