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Maeli hit back at city mayor

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CITY councillor for Vokese ward Jack Maeli says his resignation from the council executive was made in the public interest.

And he denied claims he resigned out of frustrations.

Mr Maeli claimed the mayor Andrew Mua promised them before coming into power, that he will address the issue of land sale, dump site and the grave yard.

“But when he came to power, he took another turn and insisted all land and property issues of council must go before the courts,” he said.

Mr Maeli said under the former leadership of Israel Maeoli, the council had decided that any illegal sale of council land and properties to Solomon Islanders can be settled out of court.

That is for the council to re-value them before selling them at the right price.

“But when Mua came into power he changed everything. I saw his action as unfair because if the council can do that to others in the former Maeoli government, why not now.”

However, Mr Mua refuted the claims, adding Maeli did not know what he was talking about.

“Maeli must understand that it was during his time under the former leadership as chairman of lands that he brought to the full council for all council land issues to be taken before the courts,” Mr Mua said.

“And during a full council on the April 2nd this year, the full council had passed a resolution supporting the fact that all council land and properties must not be sold, swapped, sub-divided or disposed off but must go before the courts.

“Further to that is for the council to take necessary steps to take back its land and properties that are being sold and transferred illegally to any individual or company,” Mr Mua said.

He added that all the files concerning council lands Mr Maeli was talking about were already before the courts.

“Therefore I have no power to make any decision on that. Even so I have no power to make any decision on any of these issues because they have to go through the full council.”

Mr Mua said what the council can do now is wait for whatever court decisions and see how they could sort out such issues in the best possible way to assist local developers.

“My government is willing to help local developers and do not have anything to stop that happening,” Mr Mua added.

He stressed that as the mayor he has to respect the process and procedures and decisions made by full council and to ensure that council achieves its objectives and make decisions based in the interest of council for its residents, the city and the nation.

By Daniel Namosuia