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Taiwan dishes out 10,000 solar lamps

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TAIWAN yesterday released a total of 10,000 units of solar lamps to the country’s 50 constituencies.

These were released to the Ministry of Rural Development, through which constituency development officers will claim and distribute to people.

Each constituency will receive 200 solar lamps.

The consignment, which costs over $2 million, was handed over by ambassador Roy Wu to the Minister for Rural Development Lionel Alex.

The solar lamps came under the ‘One Student One Solar Lamp Project’ initiated by ROC/Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou during his visit here in 2010.

During the visit, Mr Ma pledged to help Solomon Islands develop solar power energy.

Ambassador Wu said Solomon Islands have perfect sunlight that makes it necessary to promote solar power project across the country, to utilize the energy to benefit people.

He said majority of Solomon Islanders living in the rural areas need solar energy light to enhance their life at night time.

“While it is suitable for students, these single lamps are very effective for households as well.”

Rural Development Minister Alex Lionel expressed the deep appreciation and gratitude of the government to ROC/Taiwan for the continuous goodwill support.

Mr Lionel said solar lamps are very important in the rural communities because it can substitute the use of lanterns which cost people a lot when paying for kerosene.

He said while solar energy is clean; it will also improve the lives of people of the Solomon Islands.

The Minister said his ministry will organise the solar lamps for collection and distribution to constituencies by Thursday this week.

ROC/Taiwan ambassador said a few solar energy projects have already been rolling, and said he hope the projects will continue.

Yesterday’s handing over at the Ministry of Rural Development was witnessed by constituency development officers.

By Ednal R. Palmer