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Lata police tour isolated villages

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LATA police say they successfully carried out crime awareness programmes in the outer islands of Temotu Province.

A two-week programme was done at 15 communities and seven schools in Utupua, Vanikoro and Duff Islands.

Police said this was the first awareness programme in 10 years.

According to Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Alfred Uiga, people in the community described the programme as an eye opener.

 He said villagers told police that such programme has helped them identify crime, especially petty crimes which are often seen as part of normal living.

“We need such programme and regular visit from police.”

Mr Uiga added that from the programme many new cases were reported to police that ranges from minor to serious ones.

He said police will start to investigate those cases which mean they will revisit those isolated communities.

“Despite the poor logistic; we will make sure reported cases are investigated.”

The police chief stressed that the programme also have positive impact on the relationship between communities and police.

He said building positive relationship with them will now help police carry out their work effectively in those communities.

By Jennifer Kakai