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Police say land dispute a concern

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LAND dispute is becoming a concern to police in Lata, Temotu, according to the provincial police commander.

Alfred Uiga said land disputes are often the source of many criminal activities such as brawls and community disharmony.

Mr Uiga said police recently attended many reports of illegal activities sparked by land related disputes.

He warned landowners and disputing parties to ensure land disputes are dealt with through proper procedures.

“There are laws and traditional ways of deal with land issues where community leaders must step in to avoid disputes escalating.”

He said at the moment, Lata Police are attempting to resolve a hiccup between two parties residing at Lata Downtown who both claimed a piece of land there.

“We attended the scene on Tuesday and talked with leaders of both parties to settle the matter before things get out of hand.”

Meanwhile four men were arrested last week for arson at a village at Santa Cruz as a result of land dispute.

“Police is alert and will not tolerate such behaviour.”

By Jennifer Kakai