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PM hails Faumamanu landowners

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PRIME Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo praises Faumamanu landowners for recognising the importance of a growth centre in the area.

Mr Lilo on Tuesday this week led a delegation to officially declare Faumamanu site open for the proposed growth centre to lift off.

He described the event as a breakthrough and the birth of a new chapter for East Malaita, Malaita Province and the Solomon Islands.

“This ceremony tells us that Faumamanu has truly met the requirement of many questions that might rise in mind on where do we start? And how development came in to our land.

“Therefore as the Prime Minister of this country, I was thrilled to see and witness the birth of the country’s newest growth centre, the Faumamanu Economic Growth Centre.”

He said given the likelihood of a resources boom in that area, particularly the prospect of developing Auluta Basin, he assured that Faumamanu Economic Growth Centre would draw significant interests from home and abroad.

He said such development was part of the NCRA Government’s effort to promote greater regional integration in the provinces through increased cross-border trading and financial activities within the islands.

The Prime Minister encouraged people from East Malaita to seize the opportunity and help their leaders transform the region to become one of the economic hubs of the country.

“The establishment of this growth centre will act as an economic hub which will bring development, improve services and infrastructure in the rural communities in this region.”

Mr Lilo said landowners and people’s generosity to support the government policy by offering their land for development, showed people’s commitment.

“Therefore the government is fully prepared to assist East Malaita develop this growth centre.”

Prime Minister appealed the people and those from the province to take ownership, embraced the growth centre and help nurture it so that it can fully develop.

Chairman for Erere and Feru tribes Nelson Konai and Micheal Kawioloa, expressed appreciation that the government has shown commitment in their promise.

The two tribes own most of the land on which the proposed development will take place.