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MPs now have new offices

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Former Speaker, Paul Tovua (R) and Taiwanese official at the new Parliament office complex.
MEMBERS of Parliament now each had an office to do their work.

This followed the opening of the Paul Tovua Complex near parliament house yesterday.

Taiwan funded the multi-million dollar office.

The building was named after Paul Tovua, one of the former parliament speakers, because he initiated the project.

Speaker Sir Allan Kemakeza said his predecessor Sir Peter Kenilorea took it upon himself to realise the vision in 2007 and it received unanimous support from the Members of Parliament.

“Today I am delighted to say that we have finally achieved our goal. I am thrilled to say that this is a change in the positive direction for our Members of Parliament,” Sir Allan said.

“All Parliamentarians will for the first time since independence have their own offices all located in one complex. This is a great advance in our political development.”

He said this also means all members will be able to access direct secretarial and research support easily.

Sir Allan said the new offices will have a positive impact on the performances of MPs while debating motions and bills.

 “My predecessor stated the close proximity between Parliamentarians on a daily basis would foster closer healthy working relationship and camaraderie amongst members.

“Today we witness the hard work and commitment of all parties, past and present.”

By Elliot Dawea