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More solar panels to villagers

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Some of the solar panels that were handed out.
MEMBER for Baegu Asifola David Tome on Monday handed over a total of 155 solar panels (20 watts) and two dug-out canoes to his constituents.

The items were funded under the constituency’s Livelihood Fund.

Mr Tome said the solar panels will assist rural people with basic lighting needs, while the dug-out canoes to island villages for transportation.

 “I hope this assistance will help solve the lighting and transportation need for these people.”

A cheque of $40,000 for building water supply in communities in the highlands was also handed over to Chairman of Lalade Water Project Stephen Kwanga.

Mr Kwanga said the money will help them complete their water supply project which was initiated by Rural Development Programme.

“RDP funded this project however we need assistance from the constituency fund to expand the project.

 The project was funded under the Constituency Water and Sanitation Fund.

By Jennifer Kakai