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SIG and RAMSI officials review RAMSI transition preparations

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Permanent Secretaries and senior officials from the Solomon Islands Government, RAMSI and the Pacific Islands Representative successfully completed the 2nd SIG-RAMSI Dovetail Dialogue on RAMSI Transition.

The review also included how the Development Programs of RAMSI will be featured under Solomon Islands’ bilateral arrangements with Australia.

The 2nd SIG RAMSI Dialogue followed on from the recent preliminary meeting of RAMSI officials, Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Agency Meeting on November 19, which gave the opportunity for PSs to view the concept notes before this dovetail dialogue.

The Dialogue enabled both parties to review their preparations for the changes (transitions) in RAMSI as well as consider the draft concept notes which provide guidance to the officials as they prepare and undertake consultations on the Design Strategies. Other Presentations on the Partnership for Development and maintaining Peace in the country were also made by the respective Permanent Secretaries.

Speaking to officially open the Dialogue, Deputy Prime Minister, Manasseh Maelanga, appreciated the existence of the SIG-RAMSI Partnership Framework and acknowledged the degree of achievements so far.

Against that context, Mr Maelanga stressed the importance of sharing common visions to meet common challenges from the RAMSI experiences and lessons to improve development outcomes.

He also stressed that in working closely towards an agreed Partnership for Development, “it is important that we appreciate and ensure priorities of the Government are well reflected at the delivery strategy phase of this process”.

He also encouraged officials to consider the issues of sustainability, relevant and appropriate strategies in this program design.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary for RAMSI, Jeffrey Kauha recognised the progress and the work that has been pulled together by the Permanent Secretaries and RAMSI officials in ensuring a smooth transition before July 1, 2013.

“Since April this year, the series of informal and formal discussions among us (SIG and RAMSI) on government priorities, current RAMSI programs and which sectors to be supported after July 1, 2013 has been very encouraging,” Mr Kauha said.

He further stressed that the most important phase is the design phase of the process where respective Permanent Secretaries and Accountable Officers along with their officials need to work through with the Program Specialists and AusAID officials on the details and how these future assistance programs will be implemented and monitored. 

During the meeting, certain critical milestones were agreed and shall be pursued to continue this spirit of cooperation and working relationship for a quality and sound strategies.

In closing the Meeting, the Special Secretary to Prime Minister, Philip Tagini thanked all parties for their engagement and encouraged them to work closely to ensure all are comfortable with the new Partnership for Development, from the SIG- RAMSI Partnership Framework.