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Sogavare: Withdrew University Bill

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Member of Parliament (MP) Manasseh for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare has recommended a temporary withdrawal of the Solomon Islands National University Bill.

Speaking in parliament yesterday the chairman of the Bills and Legislation committee urged the minister of education and human resource development Dick Ha’amori to withdraw the Bill because more work and consultation needs to be done on this Bill.

Sogavare said his committee recommends that the minister withdraw the Bill for the time being and bring instead a white paper to parliament.

“This is to allow the committee of the whole house to fully discuss the policy intentions of the government of the conversion of SICHE to an university.”

He said there is a need for the formulation of a comprehensive legal and administrative framework that would address all the legal and administrative concerns.

“Important areas that implies consideration of the Bill is the purpose and structure of the university and the budgetary implications of converting SICHE into an university.

“If that indeed will be the case then the committee feels that we might as well do it properly and get it right from the start.”

The chairman of Bills and Legislation committee stressed, if the government decides to go ahead regardless of this advice then the committee recommends second option.

The committee recommended that the minister temporarily withdraws the Bill and takes the proposed amendments to Cabinet for consideration and approval.

Another option is instruct the legal draftsman to produce a new draft and reintroduce the bill to parliament.

By Elliot Dawea