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Sasako expresses sympathy for PM

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But says leaders must account for their actions

FORMER politician Alfred Sasako says he feels sorry for the barrage of and mounting criticisms being levelled at the Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo for his mishandling of his alleged affair.

However, Mr Sasako said no amount of legal representation, the use of the law, intimidation of and threat against the media would make the criticisms go away.

“As a leader, you cannot run from your actions. Your actions will always haunt you and will catch up with you one day, however long it might take. For this reason, there is only one remedy,” Mr Sasako said.

“I suggest as I do now that the Prime Minister do take the following steps immediately.

“First, if the allegations against him were true, he must admit it and say sorry to those involved as well as the nation.

“Secondly, if the allegation was true, he must pay whatever form of compensation stipulated in the traditional jurisdiction where the woman comes from.

“There’s nothing like the relief one gets for saying sorry.

“And as a leader it is imperative that he does so. Never mind about using the law to get away with murder,” Mr Sasako said.

He said if the prime minister is not humble enough to admit and say sorry for his action, then certainly he is not a fit person to lead the nation.

“He should step aside while the matter involving him is dealt with by the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) and other appropriate bodies.

“I am pleased that Forum Solomon Islands International has taken the matter up with the Leadership Code Commission.

“It is an acid test for the LCC and indeed an opportunity for it to show to the nation its neutrality and independence, given that the head of this anti-corruption body is by convention appointed by the prime minister.

“Let me say this to the LCC that the selectivity that underlined its practice in the past must now be dealt with so that the nation and its leaders are given equal treatment in terms of correction.

“Not only that, but the nation demands that the independence of the LCC is upheld at all times regardless of who it is dealing with,” Mr Sasako said.

He said the people’s trust in the LCC must never be allowed to be compromised.

 “Saying sorry puts a leader in a position of strength not weakness. It is the right thing to do by every Solomon Islander,” the former MP said.

 “Hon Prime Minister with due respect, you can’t keep running away from problems. You never will.

“Nor can you use the law, lawyers, intimidation of and threat against the media to protect you forever.

“Problems will always be with you unless you’re willing to deal decisively with them.

“The first step is to admit your wrongs. The second thing is to say sorry and the third thing is pay unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. It is that simple.”