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Sir Peter wants clean-up in Lands

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Sir Peter Kenilorea

Veteran Politician and statesman Sir Peter Kenilorea wants to see a thorough clean up in the Ministry of Lands and Housing.

Sir Peter said so much had been said about officers using their powers to sell and give land to friends and foreigners particularly Asians for fast cash.

He said the media revelation in this paper that the 85percent of the crown land is in the hands of Asians is a serious concern for the Government.

“The Government must find a way to put a stop to this and one practical way is to thoroughly investigate and clean up the Ministry.

 “Public servants must serve with integrity and be strong with their leadership to abide by laws despite outside influence of money to lure them to do the opposite.”

Sir Peter urged responsible not to be reluctant “because it is extremely visible from Henderson to White River, that these foreigner have occupied the lands and established their businesses”.

“The Ministry must take some responsibility and immediately put a stop to because in the future, our future generations will reap its repercussions.

“We need officers that won’t compromise their positions to ensure good governance and transparency prevails.”

The statesman said there are laws in place but there is also need to update the laws as there could be loopholes whereby some people are taking advantage of for their own gain.

“Today we need people who fear God and live up to biblical principles and values to work in public offices.  

“As a matter of fact, if we have right people in place, we will see fairness and developments where Solomon Islanders will enjoy.”

By Elliot Dawea