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Bouro heading for Cuba

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THE country’s designate ambassador to Cuba Simeon Bouro was officially commissioned at the Government House yesterday.

Speaking during his commission, Mr Bouro admitted that the responsibility bestowed on him to deliver what should be expected of him by the Government would not be an easy task.

He said to familiarise himself with Cuba, one has to learn about their people and language as much could be lost during translation.

“That will be a challenge I have to face,” he said.

Ambassador Bouro said whilst the expectation of the Government and people of this country should not be compromised, he would be seeking God’s guidance when discharging his duties.

“I will with God’s help do the best and provide sound advice to the Government in the areas of political, social, economical, cultural or in other assignments I am tasked to do,” he said.

Mr Bouro also added he would guarantee that his office and home would be a safe haven for local medical students studying in Cuba.

The Cuban ambassador said he understands that the maintenance of diplomatic missions overseas would be very costly thus; he said he would make sure the mission operates within the budgetary allocation guided by the head office in Honiara.

“Transparency, accountability and consultation will be the order of the day,” ambassador Bouro said.

Mr Bouro also thanked the Government for having confidence in him.

“I am prepared with God’s grace to take on the task and serve this nation in whatever capacity the Government wants me to,” he said.

Meanwhile, Governor General Sir Frank Kabui reminded Mr Bouro that his main task is to represent and promote the interests of the Government while in Cuba.

Sir Frank told Mr Bouro that the government and people of Solomon Islands expect him to provide sound advice and deliberation on all matters during his time in office.

“These could be political, economic, social and cultural and at no time should these be compromised by personal interests and other forms of persuasions,” the Governor General said.

“Your full commitment is therefore expected as you are the link between Solomon Islands and Cuba and in true Solomon Islands tradition, your office and home will be the safe haven for Solomon Islanders in times of need.”

Sir Frank also highlighted that the maintenance of permanent diplomatic missions overseas is a very costly exercise; thus, the operating cost of these is substantial and considering the country’s weak financial situation, cost-saving measures must be undertaken.

Mr Bouro is a former politician who entered politics in 2001 as the Member of Parliament for East Honiara.

He held various ministerial portfolios until he was defeated by local businessman Charles Dausabea in 2006.

During his parliamentary years, Mr Bouro was the Minister for Police, National Security, Justice and Legal Affairs from 16 February to April 2006, Minister for Mines and Energy from January to 15 February 2006 and Minister for Communication, Aviation & Meteorology from 4 February to 20 December 2005.

He is expected to depart for Cuba next week.

By Douglas Marau